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Asset-Mapping Your Congregation

In many of the places we live, meeting space is a rare commodity that we can offer readily.​ Congregations can be invigorated with new life when they become hubs of community activities carried out by UUs, as well as community partners and unaffiliated groups. Church buildings can be used for candidate forums that provide a platform to hear from all candidates on the issues, non-partisan phone banks and canvassing operations, sites for educational events, community fundraisers, and much more.

Consider what resources (space, equipment, human resources, infrastructure) might be useful to people in our community who are aligned with this effort? How can we make those resources available on a regular basis? How can we let people know they can access them? 

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From our work for marriage equality, women’s suffrage, the abolition of slavery, for civil and voting rights, to advocating for a path to citizenship for immigrants, to taking on the ‘New Jim Crow’ and white supremacy today.

Unitarian Universalists have a legacy to carry onward.

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