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Become a Good Trouble Congregation

The late Congressman John Lewis said “When you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you have to speak up. You have to say something; you have to do something.” We know that being a Unitarian Universalist isn’t just about believing in justice, equity and compassion, but what we do to make those values come alive. 

Our congregations can be the embodiment of our sacred values that propel our faith and communities towards a world where all of our communities thrive. This means we work collectively to get in the way of injustice and get into Good Trouble to build a truly multiracial democracy. 

Let’s honor Rep. John Lewis’s legacy of fighting for civil rights by showing up to get into Good Trouble in 2022. This year, we are challenging our congregations to show up in 2022 to vote love and defeat hate as a UU the Vote Good Trouble Congregation! 

What is a Good Trouble Congregation?

Good Trouble Congregations are congregations that answer that call to organize their communities and engage in the multiple and necessary tactics that will help us win big for our communities in 2022. Whether you’re protecting voter access in Georgia, fighting for reproductive justice in Kentucky, or election protection in Pennsylvania, your work is essential to building a strong movement for democracy. Let’s all do our part to build a multi-racial democracy by becoming a Good Trouble Congregation. 

What criteria must we meet?
Meet 4 of these criteria to become a Good Trouble Congregation! All congregations and fellowships are eligible. Criteria is relative to the size of your congregation

  • Average 20 postcards or letters per member 
  • Average 200 text messages per member
  • Average 20 calls per member 
  • Average 20 doorknocks per member
  • Reach 20 percent volunteer engagement 
  • Average 2 newly registered voters per member
  • At least 2 congregants are line warmers, poll workers, or poll watchers

How do we get started?

Get started now with our Congregational Planning Tool.  Set your goals and then report your work as you go using the Story & Report Form. Each month we will provide updates and spotlight teams that are on their way to becoming Good Trouble Congregations. 


Congregations that hit 4 of the 7 criteria will receive a large UU the Vote gift box filled with UU the Vote swag, gifts, and party favors. This will help you to show up in style for the Good Trouble Congregations post-election celebration with President Susan Frederick-Gray, the Side With Love Team, and special guests.

This election year, we are choosing to lean in deeper in our values and the work to uphold our sacred principle: right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large. 

The challenge starts now! Have you already taken action during the 2022 midterms? Get the work counted today by sharing your work with us using the Story & Report Form.