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Become a 2024 Good Trouble Congregation

Our congregations can be the embodiment of our sacred values that propel our faith and communities towards a world where all of our communities thrive. This means we work collectively to get in the way of injustice and get into Good Trouble to build a truly multiracial democracy. We are so grateful to the congregations who worked towards becoming Good Trouble Congregations in 2022 and are excited about an ambitious program in 2024. Good Trouble is one way that our congregations participate in UU the Vote.

Our faith calls us towards building democratic processes – in our congregations & communities. This year we will continue to advance our commitment 

to democracy through local action, election defense and rigorous political education. In 2024 we will collaborate closely with our State Advocacy Networks and their partners in key states, resource and support ballot initiatives that will improve material conditions, deepen our commitment and analysis through political education and spiritual grounding and grow our collective organizing and voter contact skills – on doors and in our communities, on phones and text and via mail.

We will recommit to resource and align with social movements who situate their electoral work within broader struggles for liberation. And we are so excited to do this work with you. Initial deadline of February, 2024. If you’re interested but need more time, email [email protected]

Commit to being a Good Trouble Congregaton in 2024!

What Is a Good Trouble Congregation?

Good Trouble Congregations are congregations that answer that call to organize their communities and engage in the multiple and necessary tactics that will help us win big for our communities in 2022. Whether you’re protecting voter access in Georgia, fighting for reproductive justice in Kentucky, or election protection in Pennsylvania, your work is essential to building a strong movement for democracy. Let’s all do our part to build a multi-racial democracy by becoming a Good Trouble Congregation. 

To achieve Good Trouble Congregation status, meet two or more criteria in each of the two categories below.


  • Turn out 5 percent of members at a partner public action / witness Turn out 10 percent of members at UUTV political education event
  • GT team table or canvasses at three (or more) public events 
  • At least 2 congregants are line warmers, poll workers, Election Defenders, or non-partisan poll observers.
  • Reach 20 percent volunteer engagement in GT programming
  • Act as Ballot Initiative Petition Hub or other ballot-related site 
Voter Contact 
  • Average 20 postcards or letters per member
  • Average 200 text messages per member
  • Average 20 calls per member
  • Average 20 doorknocks per member
  • Average 10 ballot petition signatures per member
How Do We Get Started?
Sign up to commit to being a Good Trouble Congregation here. We will provide reporting mechanisms for your work and hold bi-monthly progress check-ins for Good Trouble congregations to offer support, answer questions and check in about your program. We ask that you commit to sending at least one representative from your GT team to these check-ins.