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An Invitation to UU the Vote in 2024

UU the Vote 2024 Starts Now!

From Nora Rasman, Democracy Strategist for Side with Love

It is an honor to invite you to the public launch of UU the Vote 2024. It seems like we’ve been talking about this election season for years, and now it has arrived. there are many things that we feel as we grow democracy in the world. As we continue our work, I am excited for the relationships we will build and nourish. I am frustrated by how fear and anxiety tells us to keep our heads down instead of living prophetically and become who we need to be in this movement.  And I am heartbroken by a culture of violence that asks us to be indifferent to the suffering of our neighbors, our communities, and people around the world. 

But as a UU, with deep hope and vast belief in our people and our values, I remain READY! I am ready to be unrelenting in my pursuit of a more just world through the transformation of systems and ourselves. I am ready to join you in your work to grow our skills, capacity and relationships. I am ready for us to show one another exactly how powerful we can be if we do this work together. 

Please join me and our national community in the public launch of UU the Vote 2024

We are fighting for so much in 2024. The work before us requires our compassion, consistency and commitment. This year UU the Vote will strengthen our local partnerships with State Advocacy Networks and key movement partners. We will throw down in key states on ballot initiatives that will improve peoples’ material conditions. We will offer political and skill development alongside spiritual resources. 

Democracy calls on us all to mobilize towards our collective thriving. The promise of democracy has yet to be realized in this country, but each of us kindle the flame that ignites our growing social movements to proclaim……. Just like in 2022, again, we are activating every corner of our faith to engage in the democratic process because this is an issue on which we can cede no ground. This year, we’ll be showing up to combat criminalization, protect and expand healthcare, including abortion and deepening local democratic practices, from participatory budgeting to ranked choice voting.

My friends, this is the work. This is OUR work. Join us on Thursday, March 14 7pm ET/4pm PT, to ground, connect and GET READY! Together our movements are strong. This year, we will mobilize our friends, our neighbors, our fellow UUs to generate a groundswell of democratic action and leadership towards a thriving future beyond Nov 5. Because we the people are the democracy.  

Will you join us? 

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