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UU the Vote Homecoming Week!

Primary election season is just about over. This has been an unprecedented election season, with wins and losses that have been, oftentimes, difficult to sum up. From New York to Kansas to Alaska, one thing is clear, we need to organize everywhere. Our values are on the ballot in states all across the country. Every race is competitive and we can take nothing for granted. 

Week of Action!

At UU the Vote, we are going to leave it all on the field. Today, we are announcing a Homecoming-style Week of Action organizing all things Michigan! Join UU the Vote and Michigan UU Social Justice Network as we kickstart our fall campaign and race to Election Day! September 10th-13th, we will be on the ground in Michigan training local UU organizers, registering voters and strategizing with Michigan leaders for the upcoming midterm election. September 14th-17th will be packed with virtual events that anyone from all over the country can participate in. We will text bank, trend bank and phone bank voters in Michigan to get out the vote for their upcoming election. Come learn the stakes of this election including the proposed ballot initiatives on abortion access (Right to Reproductive Freedom Initiative) and voting rights (Right to Voting Policies Amendment) and what they mean for voters in Michigan and around the country. Mark your calendars and sign up for all the events here!

UU the Vote Homecoming Rally! 

Show your UU the Vote Spirit at our Week of Action Homecoming-themed Rally! Join UU the Vote and Michigan UU Social Justice for a virtual rally to celebrate what we’ve done so far and what is still to come. Interested in what is coming up for UU the Vote? At the end of the rally, we are going to roll out our UU the Vote campaign calendar for the rest of the year! Be the first to know where we’re going and jump on board! Wear your UU the Vote and/or congregational swag and get fired up by powerful speakers, inspiring music, prizes, successes and uplifting community. September 17th at 6pm. Sign up here!

Good Trouble Congregation Highlight:

“On a Labor Day Sunday, which is typically low in attendance, the UU The Vote Team at UU Schenectady led a UU The Vote Action Service. After a brief worship with Rosemary Bishop, we had various tables at which activities were set up in the Great Hall and in the dining room, with refreshments outside. We had postcard writing, letter writing, rock painting (‘Rock The Vote’), button-making, and coloring sheets. Because of our “Stamp Out Voter Suppression” campaign, we had stamps on hand to use during the service. We also had a table for people to pick up packets of postcards and letters. Ahead of the service, members requested 340 postcards to work on at home. People took home 120 Reclaim Our Vote postcards and 120 Vote Forward letters. A big success with a small group of people!”

Thank you NY Unitarian Universalist Society of Schenectady! We know you all are doing great work and we want to hear about it! Tell us all about it here!

Upcoming Events:

UU the Vote Office Hours: Tonight, September 6th, 8pm

Need support with your electoral justice work Confused about what electoral work is “allowed” for nonprofits? Want help finding a local partner to work with? Make use of our UU the Vote weekly office hours, every other Tuesday to speak with a UU the Vote Campaign Manager, JaZahn Hicks 

UU the Vote/Michigan UU Social Justice Network Week of Action! September 14th- September 17th!

It’s Homecoming at UU the Vote and the theme is Michigan! Join us all week as we put our values to the front and reach voters in Michigan through phone, text and trend banking!

Voter Mobilization Keynote With Reclaim Our Vote’s Andrea Miller, September 14th, 7:30 pm EST

Andrea Miller of Reclaim Our Vote and the Center for Common Ground (CCG) will speak to UUSJ about CCG’s 2022 plans for getting out the vote in key states, both on the ground and remotely. All are welcome, regardless of where you live in the U.S. We will learn more about postcarding, texting, phone banking, and other opportunities. And most of all, we will leave with a sense of enthusiasm for the work ahead of us and an understanding of how CCG’s work can support UU efforts. CCG is a national partner of UU the Vote for 2022.

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