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Faithful Action for Democracy with UU the Vote

Faithful action for democracy with UU the Vote

Side With Love is hosting our annual 30 Days of love, and this week’s theme is Resilience :: Democracy.

In our fourth week of 30 Days of Love, we explore the theme of “democracy and electoral justice” and how it is situated within our broader organizing.

As we begin our electoral work of 2024 together, I return to recent remarks by Working Families Party National Director Maurice Mitchell: the organizing principle that we build trust by telling the truth about the world we share. The core truth that I’m reckoning with this year is that democracy—the promise of our elected officials feeling a direct and accountable tie to us, their electorate—has always been aspirational.

I acknowledge the fear that many of us hold—that the threads of democracy we’ve had will fully unravel, and we will lose the pieces of representation we rely on. And I ground in the possibility that with the millions of people who have come into social movements in the past four years, we might push closer to a more just world. We have much work ahead, please join us in our work below.

This week’s offerings: a blessing from Nico Van Ostrand, a Time for All Ages by Rev. Stevie Carmody, a body practice by Rev. Lane-Mairéad Campbell and Rev. Shari Halliday Quan, a grounding exercise by Canedy, and a prayer from Rev. Mitra Rahnema.

Save the Date – UU the Vote 2024 Launch

Thursday, March 14

We enter the work of UU the Vote 2024 grounded in the current political and spiritual conditions of our faith and national community. The year ahead will require us to anchor in our power and connect authentically to mobilize UUs, voters, and our local communities.

UU the Vote 2024 is an ambitious strategy to grow a powerful pro-democracy majority. This year we will build our commitment to democratic practices and recommit to showing up for social movements building infrastructure and relationships to sustain us beyond the electoral year.

Join us for our launch on Thursday, March 14th! The one-hour program starts at 7ET / 4PT. You’ll learn about our work with State Action Networks and their partners in key states, key ballot initiatives, political education and spiritual grounding opportunities and our mass voter contact program. Join us!

Become a 2024 Good Trouble Congregation!

We are so grateful to the congregations who worked towards becoming Good Trouble Congregations in 2022 and are excited about rolling out an ambitious program in 2024.

Our faith calls us towards building democratic processes – in our congregations & communities. This year we will continue to advance our commitment to democracy through local action, election defense and rigorous political education.

In 2024 we will collaborate closely with our State Advocacy Networks and their partners in key states, resource and support ballot initiatives that will improve material conditions, deepen our commitment and analysis through political education and spiritual grounding and grow our collective organizing and voter contact skills – on doors and in our communities, on phones and text and via mail. We will recommit to resource and align with social movements who situate their electoral work within broader struggles for liberation. And we are so excited to do this work with you.

Ready to join us? Sign up to commit to being a 2024 Good Trouble Congregation here.

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