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UU the Vote 2024 is grounded in the current political and spiritual conditions of our faith and national community. Our work will require us to anchor in our power and connect authentically to mobilize our UUs, voters, and our local communities. As we witness the rise in authoritarianism, we understand the scale of the threat and the urgency calling us to show up with our time, talents and resources in service of our values. Showing up this year is about forwarding our values, expanding our democracy and changing the material conditions of our communities. UU the Vote 2024 is an ambitious strategy to grow a powerful pro-democracy majority.

Whatever issues speak to your heart and your spirit, we invite you to find your place alongside the thousands of Unitarian Universalists who will be working together to UU the Vote in 2024!


  • The Promise: Our work is grounded in our spiritual mandate towards building democratic practices and organizations, within our communities and institutions towards a more liberatory world. Our loyalty is to our shared values and evolving political analyses; not towards systems or parties. electoral as one practice of many for democracy
  • The Process: Our work requires growth and transformation through local community action. We do this through developing effective leadership through election support and defense combined with rigorous political education for clarity of our long-haul work.
  • The People: Our work is prophetic not partisan, rooted in elevating a liberatory politic and UU values as we advance our commitment. Relationships are what make change happen. We are committed to developing and nurturing relationships as central to our justice work. Our work is rooted in growing relationships with each other, our partner organizations and our communities
Resources for Building your UU the Vote Team

There is a role for everyone in this work. The work of volunteers will be critical to building and sustaining this massive coordinated campaign.  

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