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We are so grateful for UUs who are already engaged with election work this year. In addition to our national

“Regardless of one’s position on the subject matter, the leadership of the city should make every effort to allow direct

In March 2022 we launched the Good Trouble Congregation program. Nine months later, over 300 congregations took action with UU

First, thank you for being a part of our amazing UU the Vote community. Your work and support allowed UU

This community has done incredible things over the last three years to #VoteLove, #DefeatHate, and  build a multiracial democracy. We’re

The authoritarian removal of duly-elected Tennessee State Representatives Justin Pearson and Justin Jones is disgraceful and anti-democratic. As Unitarian Universalists,

This year with UU the Vote has been filled with many victories and challenges. Through it all this community has

It’s National Voter Education Week! Voter education is a key part of mobilizing voters and bringing our values to the

The mobilization campaign organized events in Michigan and Georgia, where voter rights

While the strategies of Kansas and Kentucky organizers vary, their success is equally dependent on the same core elements: the hard work, generous contributions, and other support of millions of people who generate no media mentions and hold no formal power.

To save reproductive choice and preserve previous civil rights advances, it’s essential

An effective tool exists to minimize the chance of illegitimate votes—those who