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How to UU the Vote: 7 Actions You Can Take Individually and 7 for Your Congregation or Organization


  1. Volunteer with organizations in your area registering new voters, doing early voter drives, or assisting ballot initiatives that advance justice. Check out page 17 of 2020 UU the Vote report for partner list. 
  2. Connect with your UU State Action Network (22 states have one)
  3. Go door-to-door in your own neighborhood talking to neighbors about what issues matter to them (structure questions to elicit conversation, not just answers).
  4. Sign up to be an elections monitor in districts with known voter suppression issues
  5. Send a letter to the editor of your local paper on a ballot question or contested issue you care about. (Use our free guide to make them compelling.)
  6. Stay connected with UUtheVote via Facebook Group, Slack, and email list
  7. Ask your friends if they’re registered and urge them to do so if not:  UUtheVote.org/register 

Through Your Church or Organization

  1. Organize a movie or speaker + discussion night, or a non-partisan issue forum at your church. A documentary on voter suppression, for example (ask us for recommendations).
  2. Fund your congregation’s electoral work or justice project using the UUA’s crowdfunding platform, Faithify.org or apply for a UU Funding Program Voter Project Grant 
  3. Pass the plate or hold a fundraiser event for local groups doing non-partisan education or voter outreach (offering a free meeting space for non-partisan pro-democracy groups can help, too).
  4. Help a “souls to the polls” effort if needed in your area.
  5. Hold a #UUtheVote kickoff event in your congregation link? Check out the Sample Online Event Toolkit. 
  6. Organize a Vote Forward effort to engage voters in states with crucial initiatives.
  7. Donate to UU the Vote.

We invite you to share YOUR suggestions and recommended resources with our UU community on our #UUtheVote Facebook group and Slack channel.

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