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New Democracy Strategist to Lead UU the Vote

Nora Rasman, a woman with shoulder-length brown hair, smiling warmly and rocking a blue UU the Vote t-shirt. She is holding a clipboard and standing in front of an open car trunk in a parking lot. The sky is a clear blue and palm trees are visible in the background.

December 13, 2023

We are excited to announce Nora Rasman as the new Democracy Strategist who will support our UU the Vote 2024 program and year-round work to resist authoritarianism and build a multi-racial democracy. 

Nora has been a skilled leader and strategist in Unitarian Universalist justice work and a powerful coalition builder progressive organizations like Working Families Party, Showing up for Racial Justice, and Mijente. Her reputation for building and sustaining accountable relationships and sharpening the analysis and political commitments of volunteer leaders will strengthen our national and local networks for more effective collaboration and deeper impacts. As the former Wisconsin organizer for UU the Vote in 2020, Nora is ready to move our faith community into the next phase of our democracy work. 

The Democracy Strategist is a critical investment that will build on the success of our electoral work and root our collective actions in the long haul work to resist anti-democratic movements that we are witnessing in our courts, our legislatures and school boards, and boards of elections. 

We thank our national community and UU partners for the work and investment that makes this exciting new development possible. Right now, we must all find our roles and grow our commitments to our justice work. Join us as we celebrate Nora finding her place in the work with our beloved Unitarian Universalist community. 

Finding Our Place, Finding Our Power 
A Note from Nora Rasman 

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to return and continue the work of UU the Vote to build power and take action alongside Unitarian Universalists. Writing to you from Sarasota, Florida where I spent the weekend supporting UUs taking action to defend and expand access to abortion in Florida.

I was raised UU and my experience within Young Religious Unitarian Universalists was transformative for me, particularly in shaping my anti-imperialist and anti-racist world view and belief that all people deserve dignity, joy and care. I spent the last few years sharpening my own skills building political power and working on local campaigns in Milwaukee. This included a statewide race for Senate alongside local organizing fights like the fight to Stop Line 5, ongoing election defense work and doubling down on experiments in decriminalization. 

I’m excited to rejoin you to address the urgent need for progressive faith communities to show up for movement organizations committed to collective liberation as we build skills, analysis and take action in line with our values. I see our work towards democracy connected to building strategies and practices for how we are together and building shared governance skills including participatory budgeting and cooperative structures. Outside of this role, I am also a queer birthworker and also very enthusiastic to connect around Trans and queer family building. 

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